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Dancemeditation™Training & Certification

Movement Monastery

Movement Monastery

“I entered the Dancemeditation™ Intensive Training as means of self-inquiry and expansion. The changes I’ve experienced have, over time, in a subtle yet pervasive way, penetrated every aspect of my life from eating to movement to touch to breathing. I encourage you to give yourself precious time in retreat to learn and experience this vital life-long path. Your beauty and individual inner essence will be revealed, invoking positive change and spiritual growth.”
Stephanie Rudloe, Designer, Certified Dancemeditation™ Teacher



The Dancemeditation™ Intensive Training Program is a high quality, committed, in-depth, embodied meditation training within a practicing community for those seeking spiritual and personal transformation and evolution. The 80-day Program completed over four years fully supports development of individual spiritual practice, and invites you into the comfort and dynamism of participation in spiritual community. A Certificate is available at the completion of 80-day Intensive Training. The Intensive Training Program is the pre-requisite for Advanced Training, and the path of Sufi seeking.

Are you interested in teaching?  Completion of 80-day Intensive Training Program qualifies you for Teaching Certification.Completion and award of a Teaching Certificate qualifies you for Advanced Teaching Certification.


Training Program

Dancemeditation™ Intensive Training is a process of transformative retreat study. Personal practice between retreats develops and sustains a practitioner’s evolution. The Program inculcates deep listening skills within a multi-dimensional frame; all of you learns to listen, be moved and guided by forces beyond the ego self. Because the process of being receptive catalyzes transformation, healing, and growth, Dancemeditation™ brings continual newness. The 80 days of retreat and Intensive Training is shaped in two Phases.

Initial Phase
The first half of the Training concerns becoming thoroughly acquainted with the scope of the materialthe Tool Kit.
– develop & evolve movement skills
– develop & evolve movement meditation skills
– develop a strong inner resource capability
– open into Sufi energetic lineage
– build a solid personal practice

Second Phase
The second period concerns the development of spiritual and interior trust. Having a grounding in the Dancemeditation™ process, practitioners move on to existential queries that deep practice inspires.
– expand capacity for concentration
– expand somatic perception
– engage in healthy self-discipline
– experience growth & positive change
– deepen spiritual capacity

For those interested in teaching,  this lineage is less concerned with conveying an elaborate lexicon than with the capacity to shape pedagogical environments from a deeply informed yet Source-guided Self.  In Dancemeditation™, a teacher’s authenticity and presence allow spacious scope for the student. Dancemeditation™ is not taught from the head; it bubbles up from body and from the Eternal. The Teacher Training hones trust in this. Through study in a receptive methodology, trainees learn to carry and convey transmitted lineage inside movement process. You may feel that you become more naked over time, that the more you know the less you know, and that you have less and less to tell everyone.

Advanced Training embracing Sufi life continues on for those who wish from the completion of the Certificate. This period of training will be initiated by an invitation from Dunya. The classical prescription of 1001 days of dervish training is kept in view as a reminder that spiritual seeking is not quick and finite, but rather a loving surrender.


Certification Requirements

The Dancemeditation™ Intensive Training Certificate, the Advanced Training Certificate and Teaching  Certificate are each 80 days of retreat and seminar training as well as Personal Practice Work.

Training Attendance

  • The 80 days must be completed in 4 years or less. The annual 2-week Movement Monastery  and at the annual 6-day Winter Intensive are required. This training period is non-negotiable.
  • You must attend the full retreat. Being present at the start of the first session and staying through the end of the final session is crucial for your own development and for the safety of the group process. Incomplete attendance voids application of that particular training period to the Certificate.

Personal Work
Trainees are required to maintain a regular Personal Practice. The personal practice consists of work with materials learned during Dunya’s Intensive Training seminars or retreats. Which exercises and for how long will be agreed upon at the end of each training period retreat, but expect to do a personal practice 6 days a week, 20′ a day. The specific practices and time frames will be witnessed at the end of each training period to take home as a reminder. Check-ins will be available and scheduled to support trainees in maintaining the development of personal work.

Permission to teach is given by Dunya. Arrange a meeting to discuss any aspect of this. Those who wish to teach must be willing to accomplish 20′ a day for 90 days on a specific exercise learned at retreat with Dunya. Here is Dunya’s prescription:

“If you wish to TEACH A CUE (ie, an exercise)  you have EXPERIENCED with me in retreat training, you must first do that cue for 20′ every day for 90 days. It must be IN YOUR BODY. What is this about? It is about you actually having the material within your own body from your own experience to teach. When you learn the material directly from me in retreat, you learn in the context of transmission. That is,  I stream the energy, from my hours and hours of personal work as well as the transmission received from my teachers, directly from my body to yours. You then take time in your personal practice to digest and absorb that material. I suggest that you don’t actually know the practices you learn in retreat until you work them in a daily practice. We do many practices at retreat, so exploring each one for 20′ a day for 90 days will keep you supplied with plenty of material.”  –– Dunya



Make Provisions
Please remember, the Intensive Training is a commitment of time, energy, and money each year for four years. For novices, first year is a grace period during which you will necessarily be considering if this is right for you. (Advanced Trainees make an immediate commitment.) After the first year, however, set your intention and make provisions for the Program completion.

If you drop out, you do not have permission to teach the material. If you wish at a later time to work on the Certificate, you’ll will begin from the beginning. (Again, the important accumulation and density of practice.)

Advanced Training Certificate
The classical prescription of 1001 days of dervish training is kept in view as a reminder that spiritual seeking is not quick and finite, but rather a loving surrender.An invitation to apply for this period of training begins 2013. If you are interested please email Dunya.



Certificates of Completion are awarded all who complete attendance requirements.

Teaching Certification is available to those who complete attendance requirements. Meet with Dunya to discuss teaching and request a Teaching Certificate.

Advanced Certificates are awarded those who complete the Intensive Training Certificate and the next tier of attendance requirements, and who contribute to the development of the practicing community.

“You are the jewel. Your polished heart,
intelligent body and luminous presence
are what you offer the world.”



To help Dunya know more about you, please send a type-written letter no longer than two pages responding to the following questions:

  1. What in your background leads you to this study?
  2. Why are you interested in Dancemeditation™ Certification Program?
  3. What do the words dance and meditation mean to you?

Kindly put your name and address at the top of each page.

Mail in your responses with a $20 reading fee to:
Dunya Dianne McPherson
520 Woods Hole Rd.
Woods Hole, MA 02543

Dunya will review your application and either call or email you with any questions. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to ask.



Dancemeditation_LOGO_B&WDancemeditation™ is a program of the Dervish Society of America (DSA), a nonprofit 501-C3 organization dedicated to the Path of embodied mysticism. DSA provides opportunities for personal development, exploratory inquiry into embodied spirituality, and community connection through practice, service, and performance. DONATIONS are tax-deductible.







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