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Alone But Not Lonely

I remember listening to Old Testament tales in church as a child about so-and-so going into the desert alone, and I thought of the desert as a horror. I lived in a lush green town, with lovely meals cooked by my mother, and music and dancing and friends. The desert sounded forbidding. The saint would fast and cry out, would have revelations, and it was difficult and lonely and painful. Now I am in the desert. It is harsh, but it is kind. It is full of life. It divests me of my worn personality robes, blows dust at me, and displays a tenderness I had not imagined. The desert—a secret beauty. Read more

Tea Chat with David

Hi Dunya,
Please recommend a tea that you love to sip that is just about always welcome in your mouth and belly.  I’d like to move beyond my constant coffee. I think the right pot and the right cup could help as well.
Thank you.
— David

Hi David ~
These are all black teas since I know nothing about green except that a good one probably can’t be had in America. I had Taiwanese green once properly brewed by a tea aficionado friend and it was so fabulous that I realized all the green dishwater I had been drinking year in and year out was pathetic. So I’ve stuck with my black tea from Wendell in Boston which tastes as good as anything I ever got in UK where even a crappy little cafe knows a great cuppa. Read more

Cozy Smuggling

People always ask me, upon spying this item, if it’s a hat. It could be. Tea cosies (British spelling) look like hats, and winter hats, particularly polartech ones, make passable tea cosies in a pinch.

I took my childhood down pillow that had finally gotten beyond the point of providing any pillowing, folded it in half and stitched up the sides. The cover is made from a beautiful dissolving silk and velvet pillow case from my great grandmother. The fabric frays every time I touch it. In an effort to protect it,  I appliquéd a piece of gold embroidery from an Indian dress. So far it is fine. I’ll just keep patching it as it tears.

Tea Fact: Tea is a natural source of fluoride that can help protect against tooth decay and gum disease. Read more

Sage Tea

Enjoy this delicious tea recipe from my friend, Nema Nyar, beautiful dancer and Dancemeditator:

Dear Dunya,

Here is one of my favorite tea recipes:

Two 6” sprigs of fresh or dried sage in a quart canning jar, add boiling water.  Steep long or short depending.  Add lemon and honey to taste.  Drink hot or cold.  Don’t overdo.  Yum.

Much love and gratitude for all you have shared with me. ~ Nema

Tea Vessels


I bought this little amber faux teapot from a Syrian shop in Amsterdam.

There are no holes from belly into the spout for tea.

I put secrets in it.

Read more

Tea Tins

I love tea tins. Especially well worn ones printed with Old Masters paintings that are pitted and rusting but still close snugly enough to keep out salty sea air. This elegant silver one, a gift from my friend, Trinka, has a complex patina and feels heavy in my hands. I fill it with smoky Lapsang Souchong tea. Read more