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Skin of Glass: Reader Reviews

Praise from Readers

Skin of Glass CvrSmBeautiful and compelling
“Dunya does a beautiful job of translating the language of the body into a written form. This is a moving book to read, and one that may likely make you want to move. Honest, brave, insightful and very smart on many levels, this book communicates both literal thoughts and a compelling energy. Many spiritual quests overlook the body. This one goes right into the depths. Well worth taking your time to savor the language. ”
––Marjie Citron, New York City (Amazon review)

Delight and stirring
“I loved Skin of Glass . You spoke to my soul — to my blood stream.  You delighted me. You stirred me — you reached me in hard to describe but easy to experience ways.  I feel that I want to convey much more to you, but for now I will simply say, Thank you.”
––David Hammond, massage therapist, West Burke, VT

Rich tapestry of reflection and search
“I loved how you engaged me immediately with the fresh titles/subjects of each chapter — body parts. I totally related to your explanation of your current Sufi practice/teaching — focusing on women in relation to connecting with inner spirit. And I was enthralled by Ric’s Roses, visually, and metaphorically.”
–– Zoe Wolfe, artist, Silver City, NM

Raw honesty and beauty
“This book will wake many to the Divine in our prakriti-body-world. I especially liked Dunya’s discussion of femine place in Sufism and teaching—how she came to make sense of her teacher and the practices but retain her female sovereignty.”
––Adrienne Larson, yoga teacher, Blanco TX

A Woman’s Search for a Unified Self
Dunya’s Skin of Glass: Finding Spirit in the Flesh, is an edgy and exquisite, evanescent and eternal, account of a woman’ search for a unified self where body and mind, spirit and soul coalesce in Divine Communion. I wanted to stretch it out and savor every morsel but couldn’t resist devouring the whole delicious book in just a few days.
––Le’ema Kathleen Graham, Snake Priestess, Visionary Sacred Dancer, Yogini, Teacher & Author , San Francisco, CA

A cultural/societal landmark
“Dunya did it. She said it. She named it. She told the truth. The invisible, ubiquitous truth. She threw the life-line out to all women.”
––VajraMa, founder of The Tantric Dance of Feminine Power, Portland OR

Spiritual, sexy and empowering
“I gotta say this book is one surprise after another. Just when I think I can sit back and rest, I jump with what is coming at me next. The wording feels like movement. The experience will last me a life time.”
––Marsha Myrtle, Pittsburgh PA

A narrative poem
“This is a beautiful book.I read it constantly and finished it in 3 days. Dunya really has a gift for metaphor and weaving all the levels of our reality from the earth to the heavens. I love the way she told her life story through the body (I am a FOCUSING practitioner and that’s exactly what we do.) She goes deep and is so articulate about how to become free. Many people will be inspired by reading this book. The description of her experience of menopause was gorgeous and it is important to communicate the sensual side of this pivotal time in a woman’s life. Very intimate, courageous writing! If we are not revealing the hidden treasure then we might as well just watch TV.”
––Jadina Lilien, filmmaker, photographer, NYU faculty

I did not want it to end
“I just finished your book!! WOW!! I did not want it to end!! So very many emotions through, in, around me. I even had some pain. I had so many words but they seem to have eluded me at this moment.”
––Carleen Bevins, Auburn ME


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