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Resources: Meet the teachers

The Dervish Constellation — the official school of Dancemeditation™– is a network of independent, inter-connected teachers under the direction of Founder and Principal Teacher, Dunya Dianne McPherson. Dancemeditation™ Teachers have completed an intensive Certification training with Founder. The training is completed primarily at Movement Monastery which includes time in a secluded setting to focus on practices, cleansing diet, spiritual discussion, and silence. Teacher training also involves a yearly intensive advanced workshop in NYC and monthly check-ins with Dunya Dianne McPherson designed to support a regular Dancemeditation™ practice. In order to receive the initial Certificate level, teachers will have completed 80 days of dedicated training. Advanced Levels of Teaching Certification with more stringent criteria follow.

Teachers listed here offer work in various formats and locations. Many events are public offerings. In addition, Dancemeditation™ teachers work through institutional settings — universities, hospitals, school systems. If you wish any of us to present or teach for you, please contact us through this site or directly. (Click on column title to sort by city, state or teacher name.)

Name City State
Amaera Felder Pittsburgh PA
Anastacia Kaser Bay Area CA
Anastasia Blaisdell Northampton MA
Anita Teresa New York NY
Ann Paquin Sarasota FL
Celeste Roth Oklahoma City OK
Dunya Dianne McPherson, BFA, MA New York NY
Elizabeth Abbene, N.H.D., M.S., CNW Minneapolis MN
Gayla Reilly Fairhaven MA
Jane Radthia Schmidt Ft. Lauderdale FL
Jennifer Powers Tulsa OK
Karuna Haber Austin TX
Kate Russel London
Kate Temple-West New York NY
Katherine Carbone Newport RI
Kathy Hamilton Austin TX
Kryss Statho New Orleans LA
Laurienne Singer Los Angeles CA
Layla Katrina Ryder Maui HI
Nisaa Christie New York NY
Rebecca Farr Austin TX
Sandi Longhurst Salt Lake City UT
Shamsi Pettus Sunshine LA
Sita Lewi Houston TX
Stephanie Rudloe Boston MA
Teresa McKenzie-Smith Redding CT
Urvashi Dunyati-Long Eugene OR
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