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Dancemeditation: Who Is It For?

Under a rainbow

Dancemeditation™ serves women and men seeking mysticism through the deep truth of the body.

Dancemeditation™ offers clarity, insight, and evolution to those who teach movement, dance, yoga & meditation; bodyworkers who wish to deepen their somatic experiences; hidden or not-so-hidden ‘living room’ dancers who know that this is how they connect to the Divine; professionally trained athletes and dancers seeking to unfold spiritual connection; experienced meditators who wish to expand body-connection in a meditative context; psychotherapists wishing to address the precognitive arena for themselves and their clients; those seeking immersion in a deep, subtle, intelligent Sufi lineage study; and seekers pursuing spiritual communion through beauty, rhythm, music, creativity and kinetic connection. Dancemeditation™ programs provide needed refreshment to those who give generously in their work.

  • For body workers and physical therapists: Dancemeditation™ provides ample time to delve into a pleasurable, dancerly way of expanding proprioception and renewal. Continuing Education Credits are available through Kriplau Center.
  • For psychology and psychiatry professionals: Dancemeditation™ gives time and tools within a sensorial, precognitive arena for self and their clients. Continuing Education Credits are available through Kriplau Center.
  • For new dancers and movers: Dancemeditation™ unfolds blocks and ignites the heart in a self-honoring, intimate environment infused with creativity, pleasure, and relaxation. It offers entry to bones, muscles, fascia, fluids, sensuousness, and juiciness without giving it all away.
  • For yoginnis, contact dancers, modern dancers: precognitive arena for themselves and their clients explores micro-movement, and the root of ornamental, evolutionary, and sensual flow not always accessed in your discipline.
  • For sitting meditators: Dancemeditation™ is an excellent study for those seeking a movement form that is subtle, clean, energizing and artistic.
  • For professional Middle Eastern dancers: Dancemeditation™ provides a place to freshen your technical experience without the obligations inherent in performance. This material may challenge you to be in a more transparent and daring relationship to your audience. Teaching Certificate is available through Kripalu Center.
  • For evolving women and men: Dancemeditation™ serves those seeking mysticism through the deep truth of the body.




Dancemeditation_LOGO_B&WDancemeditation is a program of the Dervish Society of America (DSA), a nonprofit 501-C3 organization helping people realize their potential by honoring their body and its movement ways using evolutionary Sufi Dancemeditation practices.





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