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We are a body-being. Dancemeditation™, a unique moving meditation system for self-discovery, healing, & evolution, helps us be present in our body in the Moment. We delve inside, deepening into ever-unfolding Subtlety. Here is how it might be.

“We get down on the mat, move hypnotically, dumping burdens we’ve been carrying all day, or all week, or all our life…Our bending and breathing, arcing, torquing and squeezing lull our controlling-ness to sleep; or strong repetitions of vigorous motion release tension. On the mat, we practice the patient art of slowing, feeling what we are doing, noticing the sensation of breath, skin, organs, bones, space, gravity. We slow and notice and linger to digest what we are feeling. We experience our experience…The more we slow and notice and feel, the more we can notice and feel. Little by little, anxiety whittles down and whispers of our real-ness sneak out to play inside us…Little by little, we cut through our crust of who we think we are, our personal identity, and our social conditioning, that sly, nimble thief inside our intimate body.

We move and breathe and feel, disengaging our ticks and drives, slipping out of the groove, a sort of sleight-of-hand in the body. Our practices are deceptively playful and unostentatious, because if we tell ourselves to be serious and fix this, then we are just practicing self-correcting and perfectionism and competitiveness, and so forth down the long list. A friend once said, “Dancememeditation is such a pleasant way to do what is difficult.” We do not-doing, undo overdoing, and finally notice that something else is going on, has been going on unbeknownst all this time.” —Dunya Dianne McPherson, Founder, excepted from Dancing into the Deep

Dancemeditation™ entwines three large bodies of work: Art, Somatics, and Shattari Sufism. We use a wide variety of breathing and movement techniques (see Basic Practices for a few examples) to quiet over-active, distracted mind identity and invite intuitive, inspired embodiment. Dancemeditation™ practices encourage us to more closely feel our body while uncoupling the impulse to fix or alter it. We wake up inside the fabric of who and what we are. We trust.

Dancemeditation™ is practiced both in solitude and in company. Groups settings are non-competitive, largely non-verbal, and maintain a balance between inner & outer witnessing. Practitioners report feeling less physical, emotional, & mental anxiety, deep relaxation, expansion of creativity, improved immune function, renewed vigor & inspiration, a stronger connection with their intuition, a clearer mind, a peaceful heart, and an enriched, happy body.







Dancemeditation_LOGO_B&WDancemeditation™ is a program of the Dervish Society of America (DSA), a nonprofit 501-C3 organization helping people realize their potential by honoring their body and its movement ways using evolutionary Sufi Dancemeditation practices. 







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