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Summer Movement Monastery Application

Desire, intuition, and availability are high on the list of criteria for attending in the Summer Movement Monastery at Ravenrock in August. But we need to know a bit more. If you are interested in attending, we’d love to read your application.

Please answers the following questions and email them to:

1.  Have you attended retreat or seminar with Dunya or read the website in order to have a fuller idea about the intent and shape of this practice?

2. Please write a bit about what meditation and dance mean to you.

3. Our Monastery by design is remote — no electricity or running water and down a long bumpy dirt road – and, though the workshop will be in a lovely Dance Barn, we will reside in tents in a high altitude desert environment. Do you think you can study/train in this extreme environment without access to phone and wifi?

4. What are your experiences with camping?

5. How is your health? Fitness level?

If you feel, after answering these questions, that this might be for you, we will schedule an appointment to speak and consider the next step.






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