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Movement Monastery

“Let love lead your soul. 
Make it a place to retire to,
a kind of monastery cave,
a retreat for the deepest core of your being.”
— Attar of Nashipur


The 2019 Movement Monastery takes place at RAVENROCK, 160 acres of high desert terrain at 7000 feet. Seekers leave frenetic modern life and delve into rich spiritual practice supported by a remote quiet of magnificent Ponderosa forest, 100-mile vista of uninhabited canyon, and ancient rock rim. Inquiry encompasses the experiential and reflective, silent and verbal, moving and stillness, mindless and mindful. Practices include: Dancemeditation Core Materials, Dervish Whirling, Shattari Lineage Movement Meditations, chanting, writing, transformational dance, time in nature, spiritual conversation.



ArabesqueINFORMATION   2019  Movement Monastery

“In Dunya’s retreats, I remember how to be myself.  My essence unfolds, and my soul stretches like a newly-born baby as I approach my inner point of perfect stillness. All through motion and breathing. Beyond verbalizing. Beyond rationalizing. Beyond Understanding. I heal….” –Dr. Monica Grace, psychotherapist Austin, TX



Attendance is by invitation to advanced practitioners and those in the Intensive Training Program, and by application from all others.

Desire, intuition, and availability are high on the list of criteria for attending. Because the Movement Monastery training by design is remote (no electricity or running water and down a long bumpy dirt road) it takes a certain type of participant. Take a look at the application to see if this might be an exciting and transformational opportunity for you. We’d love to hear from you!

More about Intensive Training Program


Movement Monastery at Ravenrock ~ Gallery






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