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The House in the Forest

Fairy Journey #1

In the house in the forest
I dream of ways to say

2. Red Copse

Red Copse













3. Tree Over Bed


4. Duel








5. Snow Chairs

Snow Chairs













6. Butoh Duel











7. Woman Over Sea










8. Gazing Down

Gazing Down












9. Woman in Dogs

Woman in Dogs

10. Death Sleep










Some of my thoughts for this narrative:
1. The Red Copse: Are these trees on fire? They are in the distance. There is time and space to consider how or when or why to go there. But I have to go there.
2. Bed: The secret place of dreams. Solitary. The natural world is printed on the walls of a place that protects, contains.
3. Duel: Kill it. Very simple this one.
4. Snow Chairs: I feel that chill yet pristine freedom and magic that cold is. The impossibility of surviving. Two chairs. More than one. A relationship.
5. Duel: Pushing away the Other.
6. Ripples: The sea carries everything from once place to another. She is alone with Magnitude.
7. Gazing Down: I have done this too often, for too long, for centuries…
8. Woman in Dogs: Are these her guardians, her pack, her true nature?
9. No: So beautifully dressed but not moving. Death. It is the ‘no’ that happens if I cannot find a living ‘no’.





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    1. Karleen #

      So glad to see you blogging. Intrigued….a living no…..what is that? What an exploration…….be weller with each moment…….

      October 5, 2014

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