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On a Cold Cold Day

I was interested that in a feeling-sense, this sherpa/burka ‘reference’ was so cozy on a cold cold day. The bundling was needed protection. Looking at the photo later I recall the sensuous colors of the bumpy, fleecy texture being full of warm puffs air. I like the contrast with the smooth shiny eye surface.

The eyes peer out from darkness while the bridge of the nose catches light. I like the aperture slanting up while the gaze slants not just down but outward from the flat canvas. It all somehow evokes happiness.

Protection and vista.

What evokes happiness for you? In your body, in your mind, in your heart?

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    1. Music, dance and many changes…. I was feeling very stuck and isolated in this wintry world I have landed in… it seems that there are more choices, decisions and contemplations for me on this journey…a really necessary conference with a friend yesterday about the situation I put myself in and what is needed next…. whew…. I woke up this morning feeling very confident, happy and knowing I am making some more very good choices that will require me to stand my ground and just BELIEVE!!!!!
      This is very definitely what brings me happiness at this time………

      January 26, 2012
      • Believe. Yes, the solidity of the way you wrote that comes right through.

        January 26, 2012
    2. Loretta Armer #

      The photo evokes memories of childhood and sledding with my brother down a hill in southwestern Pennsylvania with the ice forming on the scarf around my mouth from my warm breath. Feeling safe and protected and in the element of cold, icy air and wet snow, and knowing as the day darkened, my brother and I would return to a warm kitchen shedding our cold snow clothes, mittens and boots and then standing in front of the coal stove with a cup of warm coffee with cream…

      IN this moment, happiness in my body is about being able to move in absolute abandonment without self-censoring and self-consciousness and feeling the beauty of existence.

      IN my mind, happiness is simplicity, clarity and peace of mind.

      IN my heart, happiness is receptivity, understanding, opening, closing, compassion and LOVE ever evolving.

      January 29, 2012

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