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It’s a Barn Raisin’!

Night Before
“Now it is the time to know that all you do is sacred.”
I read that the night before the barn was scheduled to arrive when I was very very blue, very alone, very unsupported. No one was going to be here from my world to celebrate, to cheer me on. To be excited with me. Of course I have been keep this somewhat secret so how could I have had that support, but I guess I thought Ric should drop everything and fly out. Then I read the Hafiz, realized I was being childish, and settled right down. I was able to get out of the lonely child head and see that this project will be the source of great joy, peace, deepening, beauty and Beauty for years to come, for me and for others.

Delivery Morning
A battery of calls back and forth between me, Wilson Pole Barn Construction trucks, and Jamie, who will help them up the mesa road in a tractor, to coordinate the arrival. Wilson trucks were delayed in Tucumcari at the Weigh Station on the OK/NM border. Wilson Co. is out of Wagoner, OK and I’ve worried faintly for the past two weeks, despite plenty of vetting online and on the phone with their references, with the OK Attorney General, and with lawyer databases that Ric has access to, that they might not be real or might be funky. But I just loved talking to Alberta, who turns out to the sister of Lloyd Wilson, the owner, on the phone. She always picked up. She answered all my questions no matter how dumb or redundant. And I liked their simple, direct website—nothing fancy, but informative enough. It felt the way a barn outfit ought to be putting itself forth.

I drive to the top of Apache Mesa Rd. to await the crew, ready to shoot video. A dark sky hung over us. Maybe rain. I held my breath that it would hold off until they got the massive trucks up the switchbacks and across the mesa to the barn site. Ric was on the phone with me. I kept eyeing the bottom of the road far far below. Did I see them? Vehicles went back and forth but I couldn’t tell if it was the barn crew. I had my truck parked and ready. Suddenly, puffing, grunting engines on the slope just below me! They were almost up.

I jumped in my truck, turning on the camera as Jamie, solid as a rock and cute as a rock star in his yellow tractor, rounded the bend towing a double cab pick-up dragging a 20’ trailer loaded with 26,000 pounds of pre-fab rafters, barn poles, and metal skin. The drivers were pretty smooth around the top hairpin but I heard later from Alberta, who accompanied her husband, Rick, the delivery driver, that it was a hairy business. (Alberta wanted to meet me. How sweet!) A red pick-up with the building crew followed up the caravan rear. Rick and Alberta would drop off the load and head back to OK right away leaving the crew behind to put up the barn.

At the top of the mesa, there was a general palaver about tow chains and now what? It was decided that Jamie should take them all the way to Ravenrock, an extremely wise decision as the large dark clouds menacing us on the horizon began to dump heavy rain and hail about halfway to the the property. The road turned to bacon grease. I followed up the rear of the caravan and got to see the vehicles fishtailing. What a mess! If not for the tractor we would have spent the night mired three miles from our destination. We got to my gate—a downward slope of dirt, now pure mud. Trucks careened this way and that, almost taking out the posts.

Once at the site, the rain abated but the ground was now soft and the trucks were sinking their tire teeth into the grass, making ruts. The crew—Steve, Tim, and Juany—unloaded the trailer truck. Alberta and Rick departed with Jamie. The crew spent time in the fog and damp cold organizing the site, then pulled out the auger to dig the first post hole and see what lay in store. They needed to be able to dig down three feet. After a foot and a half of nice soft dirt they hit limestone shelf. This meant they would need a jackhammer to get deep enough. I texted my neighbor that the crew would need a jackhammer in the morning. At last, they headed down the muddy road to their hotel in Las Vegas.

After everyone left, a second cold soaker dumped rain and hail. And then!!!! A huge full rainbow. And a double rainbow. The coyotes sing riotously. It’s a rock concert! An opera! And it makes me cry with its beauty.  A powerful blessing from the heavens.

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    1. Carleen Bevans #

      Oh, Dunya…. I so wish I was there to help you!!!!! What an incredible story!!!!!!! So many blessings and it is all going to be so healing,happy, loving and supportive. I am tying things up right and left here and the plan is still to leave the 27th.. The only thing different is I am not driving alone. A friend is driving me out, towing the car using a motor home so no need to pay for hotels etc. Will fill you in on more as I get closer to departure date. Much love and very large hugs 🙂

      September 29, 2011
      • Don’t worry. There’ll be plenty to do. Safe travels. You’ll be arriving in gorgeous weather.

        September 30, 2011
    2. Blessings on all you do, dear woman! What an inspiration it is.
      Much love, Mary

      September 30, 2011
      • Its happening. I shock myself right now. ;`)

        September 30, 2011
    3. Dunya!
      How EXCITING! Thank you for sharing this with me. I am feeling the whole thing, right there with ya, Sista!

      Love, Deda

      September 30, 2011
      • Hey Deda! It was so great seeing you in Santa Fe. Amazing really. I’ve been in pig heaven with all the tjaps. Thank you!

        September 30, 2011
    4. leema #

      Wow! Truly Great! Brings tears to my eyesssss!

      And somehow I’m thinking all those years we were promised a dance floor at Suffer camp or even a new carpet….and now here’s Dunya bringing us a dance barn on the mesa with a gorgeous view and surely a dance floor is coming too! Hallelujah!

      Rain is always a symbol of fertility! Blessed Be!

      And those Ravens…Sacred Law be in their caw caw caw!

      And the rattlesnakes or other serpents on the land just may show you where to drill your well so keep yer peepers open!

      We’re all with ya even through our techno toys!

      You are one lucky lady I’d say!

      Al Hamdu Lillah!


      September 30, 2011
      • Yes indeed! 😉

        September 30, 2011
    5. So glad to be able to “see” a little of this….what an adventure…..

      September 30, 2011
      • More to come in the next couple of days.

        September 30, 2011

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