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I peer into the angel votive glass as I’m about to blow out the candle and see a graveyard. Ten or fifteen moths are embedded in soft wax while others fragment in the pyre. So this is the Angel of Fire. She has appeared so innocent all these weeks, the flame flickering in her belly. Now moths cast into her. They cannot resist. What an absurdity—to be created to adore something so lethal! Their bodies make the candle spit feverishly and when it hardens, their dark carcasses form oblique dark accents in the pale wax. I resonate with sacrificial ground, the litter of moths, but also with the fire which consumes in steady relaxation.

The cabin’s thin wooden walls and open windows are connected to what is beyond—I am half outside all the time. My psyche is finally beginning to trust this but neither quickly nor easily. My cramped shape of self, molded by the confines and habits of my NYC apartment, have had me living cut and bound, my body’s long silvery threads severed, coiled, knotted. Limbs, skin, and tight skull now learn to unkink, expand, and rest in the vast space beyond the rim. I am often in a feverish body, my core threatening to burn through the skin and bones, to sear the bed and ignite the sheets. I am recovering. I am recovering from a long serious illness—my life caught in amber, my lifer so patterned it was immovable, breathless, still. A fever burns off an illness.

In the space and air and time, the amber cracks. It takes huge energy to live through this. I feel guilt for my lassitude, guilt for my pleasure; I fear my pointlessness. And I am fortunate to be some kind of moth.

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    1. Carleen Bevans #

      Such loveliness comes forth from you and your experience on the Mesa. I was told today that I should look at Santa Fe and the Mesa with ancient eyes and knew exactly what I was being told to do 🙂
      Much love,

      July 7, 2011
      • Yes! I have seen those eyes in you…

        July 7, 2011
    2. Eugenie Kuffler #

      Yes, the burning moths and your burning body, the fire consumes them and the fire releases you.

      July 7, 2011
      • Genie, that was the feeling…highly holy, releasing…

        July 7, 2011
    3. what a wonderful post…’re becoming something new, yet something old……

      July 8, 2011
      • You may have meant something else by ‘old’, but I always think of moths as connected to ancient, perhaps because of their colors. And fire is always old and new isn’t it…I love the idea of becoming first something new, then something old. Thank you for that perception. ~

        July 8, 2011

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