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Breaths as Jewels

During the recent NYC Intensive, I wrote:
I entered the Black Velvet Inner-ness where breaths float as jewels.
Breath is the activator and lens of subtlety. In the realm of subtlety we can dissolve into that which is most infinite and most intimate. For Sufis, the court of love is found inside the subtlety inside the breath.

Sufi Master, Maneri, has said of subtlety. “Being the most subtle, the Divine must permeate all, for the greater the subtlety, the greater the quality of permeation.”

We can enter the perception of subtlety by treading along the path of breath into deep interior meditative states where the Ego-self ceases to dominate, and where “I”-ness fades. When our ‘story’ — riddled with competitive-ness, arrogance, complaining, resentment, grasping, envy, self-criticism, rage, and other destructive qualities — still binds our awareness, subtlety will not appear. Subtlety is delicate, a wild creature that skirts danger.

Yet subtlety is powerful. It can sweep us away from our repetitive, redundant small self into our Essence.

Subtlety cannot be muscled into being, yet without a sincere invitation, it will not appear. The door to subtlety is sincerity. The door is willingness. Only the heart of one’s heart can offer a sincere invitation.

Breathing must, of course, be awake, not mechanical. And beyond that, as we breathe, we must let the heart of our heart offer a sincere invitation. We must be willing to give up what we think we are, willing to be lost in intimacy.

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    1. ann #

      beautifully illuminating, delicate, transparent, powerful

      April 18, 2010

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