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Second Life, BBC News & Embodiment

I googled a friend’s avatar while the BBC World News, playing as a the soundtrack in the background, related yet another African genocidal mutilation story, and I had an odd rush of living in a performance art piece — two disembodied sources, one audio and one computer screen, focused on images and bodies. Meanwhile I sat in a comfy chair, drank tea, smelled the morning air, and breathed.

I wonder if now we truly live in something like the Victorian age before the advent of the car,  where ghost stories blossom. Of course our  current stories are realer than 150 years ago. Certainly they reach farther.
I  wonder if my struggle to stay embodied and or deepen my embodiment, regardless of how pleasant or not, is simply a directive, a ‘project,’ so-to-speak, and its own kind of performance art, and thus a project that can be put aside until a new one is taken up. (But then I would lose the life-long aspect of doing ‘aware embodiment’ until death, or until close enough to death to report the project back.)

Until now I have decided that embodiment is realer; that it is the route  to Truth; that, on earth, it is root of Truth. When I operate from this premise, I am the most cohesive. Why does it feel like this project is arcane? (Though I don’t mind being or feeling arcane.)

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