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May Day-ly Practice 5

I’ve been thinking about doing intensive work at Kripalu in comparison to doing it at the Summer Movement Monastery. Kripalu is such a cushy place, wonderfully supportive, with all the cooking and cleaning being done for us. The day-to-day living never brings people into conflict. It is by nature a much easier place to be.

The Movement Monasteries are hard core. Like a blast of convent life. It was good to remember how much more goes into our relationships at Movement Monastery retreat. We cook, wash pots & pans, sweep the floors as well as share intensive Dancemeditation practice. This is a good place to develop clear boundaries, express oneself with kindness, mind one’s own business while receiving high quality connection with others and with oneself. And we are all in very rich communion with Self and the Now.

This year I so needed Kripalu’s nurture; I’m a little worried about SMM. But I also look forward to doing the work for two weeks. Two weeks! Yay!

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