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May Day-ly Practice 10

My practice goes along, mostly daily. This is really easy, now that I have it rolling. I am a happy creature of habit. In a world of desparate hyper-stimulation, habitual-ness & repetition give me space.

I went to my neighbor Andrea Evan’s studio yesterday and was astonished–an exquisite world of color. Evans makes wall-sized sequences of grid-based paintings; the components’ progression was orderly and well-rooted in gradual repetition. These were visual chants, visual mantras. They were daily practice caught on the wall. I felt peace. Joy.


photo by Janet Morgan of Dunya dancing at St. Bart’s


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    1. ann #

      I wish I could say that my practice is rolling along, now that I am doing it almost daily. Instead, rather than grab my mat with the joyful anticipation of retreat into dancemeditation, I grab my mat and then find I must all but wrestle with myself to stay there and focus. All of a sudden I’m hungry. I’m too hot, then cold, I took my clothes off and on a few times tonight before I practiced with very little on, on a soft blanket. I’ve worked with temperature discomfort before so I wonder if I am moving through resistance. Eventually I could focus and settle into a practice, but checking the time, minutes felt like hours. I grasped at anything to stay engaged changing levels, moving side to side, breath, sounding with my voice, until finally my monkey mind was tamed, not relinquished, and I could settle into a delicious practice of connection with myself. I don’t worry too much about these sorts of practices, where its hard, though I do judge myself and take inventory. Not my diet, not anything absolutely pressing…hang in there. I feel they are useful in breaking down some kind of barrier to my Self, though I don’t know what for sure. I do know when I face my clients for ‘holistic PT and alternative bodywork’ any kind of practice helps me to be more embodied, and I feel more connected and honestly in all areas of my life.

      May 21, 2008
    2. michelemarie #

      very nice Dunya, happy to have find you again….happy and working with other what a wonderful work you are doing…you are beautiful

      April 14, 2012

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