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Posts tagged ‘transformation’

Last Breath

I continue writing about helping my father as he completed his life. At this posting my father has already died, but this piece and the following few posts concern his end days.

December 31
He snuck that last breath by me. It was a soft little breath.

For a day and a half he had been curled against the raised bed and mounds of pillows, his head tilted and turned to the right so he wouldn’t choke on secretions and on the morphine tucked and massaged into his cheek. Read more

The Dervish’s Turban

The dervish’s turban has four wraps.

The first is  renunciation of this world.
The second is renunciation of the Other World.
The third is renunciation of the self.
The fourth is renunciation of renunciation.

Not a lot of words here, but an elegant, succinct map for a pursuit which could occupy the better part of a lifetime to undertake and understand. Read more

What I Learned from Your Giving

Funding a project is a portrait of people's belief in that project. No one would have given money to this effort had not Dancemeditation touched them or given them value in their life.

Read more