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Watching the Invisible

I am finally allowed, post surgery, to submerge in water. Yesterday, my PT took place in the pool, my body moving fully, my tissues rousing from torpor. This morning I wake, my dreams forgotten but with the pleasurable feeling of having dreamt. When I have movement during my day, I dream at night, as if dreams coil in my body, waiting for the quiet of sleep to emerge. I snuggle under the covers, watching a soft sky above crowns of thinning, yellowed treetops, and savoring the departure of lost dreams, secretly glad they are lost because I don’t need more filigree cluttering my mind or flesh. In the basement, the furnace kicks on dispelling early day chill.

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Couch Dance Video

This video is for Trish, who kvetched to me about not having the perfect space to do her practice. Hahahahah…

This from Eric:
“I appreciated the tip about “abandon the search for the perfect setup.” I’ve been using that as an excuse to procrastinate [about doing my practice.] I live in a small camper van 3 days a week, and the “setup” inside is anything but perfect for dancing! But last night I fired up your Week 1 video [Move with Me] on my Android phone inside the RV, and found myself flailing about happily in the limited space. Read more

Morning Tea

My friend Anastasia Kaser, who lives in the Bay Area, sent me this cup as a Christmas gift. She has its match. The salt-washed China cups belonged to her mother so I feel like her sister. Many mornings we sit bicoastally (I am NYC) in our own time, in our own worlds yet connected by our twin cups as we partake of our morning cuppa. Read more

Low Space, Middle Space, High Space

Practice: Exploring Three Spaces
On earth, we have three moving relationships to gravity. Low space is movement on the floor; middle space is any motion between standing and lying down, and high space is movement standing up. The words ‘level’ or ‘stratum’ work as well, but I prefer ‘space’ for cue-ing the body; it gives a spherical feeling to our explorations. (‘Level’ and ‘stratum’ might flavor our work  with hierarchy and flatness. In these three spatial explorations, leave out horizontal locomotion initially and focus on relationship to gravity. In others words, do the whole practice in a 6 X 6 X 6 foot area.

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