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Posts tagged ‘Shadow & Light’

Spider Letters

Shadows on a slab of wood. Shine on metal. There is a dream within those details. I sit still, look at the space, at the walls, the coats on the door, the vases on a high shelf, the row of blue-and-white dish towels hanging by the sink, the glasses case on the sage green sofa, the aluminum-colored computer, the lacy Victorian tea cup, books tucked in a row with their slender stripes of colors and letters promising a world. Read more

Ventral & Dorsal

I cast the front of my body, her ventral plane, into shadow and illuminate the back, the dorsal plane. The dorsal plane is iridescent, as if covered with fine rain-bowing scales. A reptile. An upright fish. I feel how I was once a fish, my belly mostly facing the pull of gravity while the a little filigree of fins carved wavy lines as I swam, Read more