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Different Solitudes

Side-by-Side Solitude
We often explore who we are in solitude. Physical solitude, on a woodsy walk or in a quiet room, is one avenue. Side-by-side solitude is another. I derive extraordinary comfort and pleasure from a chunk of time spent connecting fully to my truest self, uninterrupted, with my eyes closed, Read more


My recent practice has been silky. Not the muscles and bones so much. In fact they have been balking, heavy or weary or sluggish. But despite my lack of physical vitality, connection to my body and movement has been richer than ever. I find it easy to watch the inside of my forehead as I move. I have no resistance, and that inner gaze quickly transports the initial recalcitrance in my limbs. Moving inside the meditative state is, currently, an imperative for me. Inside this deeper state, my perceptions are clean, precise, unhurried, surprisingly content — all qualities that have always been so difficult for me. Now it seems I begin there.

But this is coming about because I turned inside myself this fall. I turned toward my Path in my heart. Instead of leaving everything, I wanted to take this turn right in my own world, in my apartment, in my family, in my city, and in my teachings. It was an imperceptible inner motion which has very likely made no difference to those outside me. I haven’t had to abandon anything or to radically alter anything. But it is radically altering me.

During the NYC Intensive, someone made a comment about about feeling safe in my workshop. What came to me, and I spoke about it, was that Dancemeditation at its greatest depth reaches below personality, below early formations of ‘self’, and settles in the Unified Plane. This is where we all belong, where we are safe because we are not separate, and therefor cannot be obliterated or opposed. This is one of the qualities of One-ness. Of Unity. We are safe.

My daily practice doesn’t take me that deep, but the depth where I silkily move touches the edge of that black velvet. Brushes against it. Softly.