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Ravenrock Sanctuary

Ravenrock South Rim

Ravenrock South Rim

Ravenrock is the apotheosis of Dunya’s vision of a home for a practicing community as well as an artist mystic retreat.  During the annual Movement Monastery, the 160 acre remote high desert property offers its mesmerizing, heart-opening soul. The simple, minimal amenities emphasize clarity and purity.

The schedule includes additional retreats as well as periods reserved for seekers’ individual solitary retreat in the Rim Cabin.

Here is more about Ravenrock as a choice for spiritual practice. Passage to Ravenrock



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More About Ravenrock

Under Wisdom Tree

Under Wisdom Tree


The Land
On 160 acres of high desert terrain in Northeastern New Mexico, seekers engage in rich spiritual practice in the remote quiet of magnificent Ponderosa forest, 100-mile vista of uninhabited canyon, and ancient rock rim. Dunya’s own Sufi training took place in nature retreat and she found the quiet, the purity of the air, and distance from civilization accelerated her development. (More.)



Photo: Meg Guidroz


Ravenrock Barn
Our Meditation Hall is a 30’X50′ red metal pole barn insulated with papercrete and foam, with a beautifully finished wood floor perfect for movement and whirling. Raw plank ceiling and plastered walls compliment large glass doors on the south and east sides.  Water is a rain catchment system with hand pumps. Solar panels provide modest power to charge a sound system for workshops and small devices, but otherwise there is no electrical wiring. This contributes to peaceful environment free of noisy generators and electrical buzz. There are two porches, a stone-floored East Entry made from rocks gathered on the property rim, and a large wood porch on the west with views of Hermit’s Peak. The Outdoor Kitchen and storage shed are off the SE side and a rustic wash yard off the SW corner, Privy Tent roofed with latias, and the Bowers, camping pitches nestled in the close-by juniper woods provide facilities for retreat camping. (More)

Ravenrock Croft
‘Croft’ is a Scottish word for a simple domicile without running water or electricity. The Ravenrock Croft, an attached 15 X 25 foot room with papercrete walls, serves as Dunya’s living quarters or guest housing. (More.)



Camping Cabin in Snow

Camping Cabin in Snow


Rim Cabin
The small camping Rim Cabin is a perfect personal retreat. It perches on the rock rim nestled in a shady grove of Ponderosa pines with an easy descent into the forest. The panoramic cabin windows and deck offer an astonishing canyon view. Metal roof and tanks provide water catchment. (Devices can be powered by a small solar panel set-up, though there is no wifi and cell signal can be erratic.) Cooking is on a propane camp stove. The cabin is available for one to two week personal retreats when Dunya is in residence. (More.)


Ravenrock Barn South


Building Our Facilities
We are guided by simplicity and need. Sustainability and minimal impact on the land are central to all choices. Because the property is remote, design and construction are unfussy and break-resistant. The Meditation Hall is a metal pole barn insulated with papercrete and foam, with a plywood dance floor, raw wood plank ceiling. Water is a rain catchment system with hand pumps. There are two solar panels and charging battery to charge a sound system for workshops and small devices, but otherwise there is no electrical wiring. (More)






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