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Spring Workshop & Tea


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Spring Workshop & Tea: Dancemeditation with Dunya
March 25th   1 – 4
Woods Hole, Cape Cod

Come welcome spring in deep motion ~

Dunya’s Dervish Dancemeditation–the Sufi Way of embodied mysticism– helps us trust ourselves. We move through the crust of harried surface worries and into our huge spiritual intelligence. Without words, with beautiful music, with eyes open or closed, in the continual flow of breath awareness, we weave our inner and outer space and ignite our spiritual heart. Practices include: Sufi Movement Meditations, transformational dance, Dervish Whirling, writing, deep rest, spiritual conversation. Come immerse in the Sufi Way of embodied mysticism to remember who we truly are and be in our purpose.
Join together in this rare opportunity to immerse in the sacred healing Sufi movement meditations with acclaimed authority, living Sufi master and meditative leader, Dunya McPherson, Principal Teacher and Director of Dervish Society of America.
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If cancellation due to White Out (it could still happen)–you’ll be refunded.
“The body is a device to calculate the astronomy of the spirit. ~ Look through that astrolabe & become oceanic.” — Jallaludin Rumi