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Performance: Alembic

Essence Creates Form

The Dunyati Alembic is the performance wing of the Dervish Society of America, under the direction of Dunya Dianne McPherson. The performers share Dancemeditation™ as a dominant influence in their self-understanding. Performative presentations are a framing of group and personal practices, with a vision of absorption into Beauty and Mystery.

An alembic––an alchemical still––developed circa 800 AD by the Arab alchemist Jabir ibn Hayyan, was an apparatus for distillation. Over time, the word alembic has taken on a metaphorical meaning referring to a vessel that refines or transmutes. Dunyati, from the name given to Dunya by her Sufi teacher, Adnan Sarhan, means ‘the world, all of manifested creation’ and has lead Dunya directly to her spiritually embodied Dancemeditation work.

Performances have included Artist-in-Residence at Kriplau Center, Monday Evening Art Salon at the Metropolitan Building, NYC and Dramarama Festival in New Orleans.

The Alembic began in 2005.
The members include Dunya McPherson, Nisaa Christie, and Kate Russel, Anastasia Blaisdelle, Katherine Carbone, Annabelle Keil, Anna de Pagan, Shamsi Pettus, Gayla Reilly, Stephanie Rudloe, Jennifer Sears, Krys Statho, Tess Smith, Anita Teresa, Kate Temple-West, Anasma Vuong, and Annemarie Wiesner.
The Company has been priviledged to include many fine guest dancers & musicians.

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