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Dunya_HandDancemeditation™ is a unique, integrated, embodied meditation system for self-discovery, healing, & evolution. Through the cultivation of embodied awareness and present-ness, we explore relationships between self-&-other, self-&-cosmos, self-with-Self, and self-to-the Divine Eternal, and ultimately dissolve relationship into non-duality, into One-ness. Dancemeditation™ links you to the deepest roots of human quest for spiritual understanding and Truth.

Dancemeditation™ proposes that your body is spiritual intelligence. Training focuses on listening to the body with curiosity and respect.  The practices develop trust and adeptness in this receptive process.


Dancemeditation™ synthesizes three large bodies of work: Art, Somatics, and Dervish mysticism. We use a wide variety of breathing and movement techniques (see Basic Practices for a few examples) within a primarily non-verbal study environment to help us drop out of an over-active, distracted mind into intuitive embodiment. Inner & outer witnessing are balanced. The practices provide doorways and ignition points to embodied awakening and growth.


Who is Dancemeditation For?
This Path calls to women and men seeking self-knowledge, healing, and growth through the deep truth of the body. Practitioners report feeling less physical, emotional, & mental anxiety, deep relaxation, expansion of creativity, improved immune function, renewed vigor & inspiration, a stronger connection with their intuition, a clearer mind, a peaceful heart, and an enriched, happy body.  More


Sacred Way workshop, Santa Fe, NM

When I move from the center of Center, the subtlety beneath the Apparent opens and I feel a deep sense of Belonging. My mind is quiet. My heart is awake. I sit with my toes in a pool of spiritual clarity.
Dunya Dianne McPherson, Founder



Dancemeditation_LOGO_B&WDancemeditation™ is a program of the Dervish Society of America (DSA), a nonprofit 501-C3 organization dedicated to the Path of embodied mysticism. DSA provides opportunities for personal development, exploratory inquiry into embodied spirituality, and community connection through practice, service, and performance. DONATIONS are tax-deductible.







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