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Getting through the Crust

In Dancemeditation™ practice, there is a point of getting through The Crust. The usual psychological things that impede doing a practice include habits, laziness, resistance, fear, boredom. Those are one type of Crust, but today I encountered The Real Crust for embodied practice—the physics of getting going.

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In yoga, inversion means upside down. In dance, it means taking the way a dancer characterizes a motion and doing its opposite: my arm reaches high in the front, so perhaps a leg might reach low in back. This sounds dull. Today I played Bach and did inversion upon inversion, and it was not at all dull. Read more

Centerline Practice

Made a good discovery today. After Shadow & Light, I fell into work with the Centerline. The idea was so simple: move with focus on the centerline from floor to the top of the head.

As I moved, I felt my fascia wrapping the insides of my legs. I progressed up my body; my organs and muscles were encased in sacks of rounded fascia arcing out from a central crease like a fountain. Bursting out. then curving around. The centerline felt like a blade. Clean. Read more

Ventral & Dorsal

I cast the front of my body, her ventral plane, into shadow and illuminate the back, the dorsal plane. The dorsal plane is iridescent, as if covered with fine rain-bowing scales. A reptile. An upright fish. I feel how I was once a fish, my belly mostly facing the pull of gravity while the a little filigree of fins carved wavy lines as I swam, Read more

Perpetual Motion

Practice: Perpetual Motion
Use any music that has a steady rhythm (different tempi are fine) without silences at a sustainable pace.
Keep moving as much of the entire body as possible for a minimum of 20 minutes. 40 minutes is best.

Though I generally begin with a sense of obligatory gloom, Perpetual Motion practice invariably morphs into fun once endorphins kick in. Read more

Shadow & Light

Practice: Shadow & Light
Stand, sit, or lie down.
Close your eyes.
Imagine a line down the center of your body.
Put one side of the body into shadow and the other in light.
Move the lit side of the body watching, with your inner gaze, the lit side.

I’ve repeatedly taught several practices this past month that I find myself running through, like a laundry list, as I do my own work. Shadow & Light is one of these. Who can’t relate to their differences? We all have them, are are trained into them.

Its charms and powers grow in me as I explore my body through it. Read more

Whirling and After

I feel skin patches peel, gears slick and lock and link, turning counterclockwise, winding back time, reversing my life. When was I barely a shape? My body is mostly motion, a roller coaster from one piece of space to another. Motion peers through curtains of fascia, down halls of skin, pries apart pores, and breathes out to join wind, river, cloud, sea. Read more