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Face of the Divine

When we cultivate our spiritual life, our daily life increasingly becomes the face of the Divine.

This came to me as we chanted Ya Muhyi  (The Enlivener) in the recent Baton Rouge weekend workshop. I saw daily life as surface, like the earth’s crust, floating above a  timeless unitive Communion. We have families and jobs, responsibilities and identities. This is our surface. If, inside, a spark flutters then flames into a blaze of spiritual life, we find, deep down, moving beneath our surface life, a rich true Center with the texture and taste of ‘home’. Sufis call this The Real. When you feel it, you know it right away because you know  you are safe. You experience healing and stability. You lose your self and find your Self. Finally, all dissolves. The end of duality. You enter Divine Unity. In early parts of spiritual questing, these planes of the self are often separate, but with practice, our deep underlying Truth bleeds up into the rhythm and pattern of surface life. We are able to see the face of the Divine everywhere.

For that to happen, we need teachings, a teacher, a practicing community, a personal practice, and patience. This is what it takes to cultivate a spiritual life. Americans hate this. We think we can do it alone. We think we can invent a fast way. We think we can ‘get over’. But we can’t. If you find a good teacher and practicing community with good teachings that help you, cherish it, take care of it, engage sincerely. (And for shit sure, don’t shit in the pot!) Practice your practice with your community. Respect one another and show up.

When we don’t cultivate our spiritual life, our surface life remains flat, opaque.
When we cultivate our spiritual life, our burdens are lifted and carried by larger arms.

Shamsi Charlie Pettus, CDMT, wrote this after our weekend training together and it has the flavor of  all of this:

It’s for mornings like these [after the workshop] that I dislike words… I want to express how amazing this past weekend was, but I’ve spent it all in my body and now the words seem far. I want to say how deeply I was able to sink into my physical body, and the transparently beautiful bodies with whom I shared the space, how we flowed in and out of one another, each moving from our center… where ever we were. How we all turned to little puddles of Sufi-mush after filling the atmosphere with “ya muhyi.” Thank you Dunya for taking us down that jewel-encrusted rabbit-hole. Thank you Krys for shuttle-services, being my sister and in general, just being you. Thank you Karleen and my own Mr. Wonderful Shelly for Friday night and your overall support in helping to make our weekend truly beautiful. Thank you to Agame Yoga & Meditation Center for providing such a perfect space. And thank you so much to those who brought your physical selves, making it all possible.

Who and what helps you find your Truth? Who and what helps you come Home?

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