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Quivers in this Vessel

A Dancemeditation session is a process of spiraling inward toward the center of the self, then coming out again, but I am not so fond of the clinical feeling of that descriptor. A Dancemeditation session is a work of art. It has light and shadow, shape and beauty, texture and time. It is creative. Ineffable spiritual awakening quivers in this vessel.


Basira, Inner Vision
Opening mystical doors—that is, teaching—is a sure thing, but how to open them is as keen an art as the scribing of any exquisite poem. There is technique, yes. Now we need fluidity, serendipity, wildness, grace, and the unexpected—attributes of art’s domain. Together these invite the magic of deep experience.

Each of us is a well. Our Dancemeditation takes us down into our well, down, down, in and in, to the deep water. We slip into the aquifer, that huge, cool, sweet, dark, pure, cleansed subterranean ocean where we connect and dissolve into one-ness. We become One. Than we draw ourselves back up to the surface, filled, refreshed, once again separate but now connected and inspired.

Someone asked how I feel when I am teaching. Here is what I do. I close my eyes and go down into the well and, by following me in my movement, others do the same. In the deep is where I see best. I see with inner vision which is clearer than external vision. The Sufis call this inner vision basira. I sink in. I relax. My feelers awaken. I step out of personal anxieties. Soon I can feel the mood of the room. Soon I receive a sense of how we are all flowing. I navigate from there. Inner vision—basira—is a dream-like dimension where sensory input crosses and moves, intertwining realities, pushing into intuition. It is more accurate than speculative observation with external vision, and it is more alive than relying solely on methodology.

Other Worlds



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