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Comfort in Practice

My night reading of Koran verses was surprisingly refreshing. I used to find them judgmental—all that ‘do the right thing or be in hell’—but with a new perusing and the leavening of age and experience, that they are right.  They just are. The question is understanding what the ‘right thing’ is. Each sura drops a tiny clue in its bed of poetry to what a right thing is. Most of these clues point to finding and stepping onto the Path. This can be religion. This can also be Sufi. The Path means doing the practices. There is no Path without regular engagement in practices. None. Not for anyone of us. Practices, which constitute Path, are given, are learned, passed down, and proffered as solace for the pain of being human. They free us from the hell of personality—our own and others. All that ‘patting on the head’, competition, reaching for stardom—the fruitless ways we try to wring love out of the world.

The mesa naturally loves. Trees, air, rocks abundantly give. The sky is slow movement. The sky is slow movement. It takes only slowing and opening to receive.

Slowing and opening. Isn’t that truly what most of our Sufi Dancemeditation practices turn toward? Time—Asr—comes then, sits inside us displaying the diamonds in her pouch. It doesn’t require Ravenrock to receive this largesse, though Path will certainly accelerate here. No. Any small undisturbed room will do.

The words tumble out. Al hamdu lillah.
Breath sinks in. Al hamdu lillah.
What is Allah?
A word. A breath.
What is this Word? The Heart knows.
What is this breath? Life.

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    1. Sweet. I love this. It is true.

      September 24, 2011
    2. Loretta Armer #

      Dunya, It is so obvious you have silently slipped into the dimension of resonance with all that is there and so appreciating every gesture of the vast universe and touching in on your own inner universe, “always becoming”. Each awareness brings also a question of unfolding into the formlessness which I feel is such an act of trust and inner peace. I am so happy you are taking this time because you are blessing all of us and the beautiful planet we live on as you feel the blessedness of life and breath. Much love, and Namaste….Loretta

      September 24, 2011
    3. leema #

      mmmmmm…delicious….love this “practices proffered as solace for the pain of being human”…”free us from the hell of personality–our own and others”

      And just seeing your pink blanket there on the deck brings me back to you me the desert the practice..Al Hamdu Lillah


      September 24, 2011
    4. ah………..this is so beautiful it literally hurts… hamdu lillah…….

      September 25, 2011
    5. tina #

      Hi D-
      Strange how something appears judgemental or negative the first time around but with thought, and as you say new perusing /age and experience there is truth to be found- not always a truth we are comfortable with or ready to see as truth until we give it another” look see”.. So true with religion/philosophy as well as with our every day life and conversations with friends, relatives and others. When it is just you and nature you have the time to contemplate and re examine yourself, your beliefs and your place in the scheme of things.
      Very deep

      September 25, 2011
      • And, in terms of the literal meaning, none if the texts I have been inculcated spiritually with were originally written or spoken in English, so I and we depend on translation. So much can turn on a word. Just another piece if the sorting and questioning and seeking.

        September 26, 2011

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