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Bonfire in a Dark Castle

Dunya: I love being back into my daily practice. (I let go of it for the summer– first time ever–just to see.) It feels wonderful coming home to it!!! Absence makes the cells grow fonder.
Catherine Ryder
: Did you really let go of it for the summer? I can hardly believe it. But I suppose to find the balance, that is good.
: Yes, I really wondered what it would be like without. It was okay. A little flat. Muted, as if I couldn’t hear my life as clearly. Having it is better.
Catherine Ryder
: what did you do to fill the space that would have been your practice?
Dunya:  Filling in the space? I kayaked and swam instead. These are incredible, but truly not the same as Dancemeditation practice. They are healing, restorative, good exercise. What I missed, however, and what I get from Dancemeditation, is a sense of interior illumination – a candle or bonfire in a dark castle that is me. I felt lonely without it. I felt far away from reality. Strange to write this. I didn’t think I would write this…
Lisa Swanson: Not sure what that means–letting go of love in daily practice just to see.
Dunya: I never said ‘love’; I let go of daily practice. Though your comment is interesting. I never think of qualities within my practice. I accept what is there.
Lisa Swanson: beautiful! thanks! i’ve been asking the question for years, “what is love?” i get glimpses of what it’s not as well as what it is–so thanks for reminding me that love is an inner glow, warmth, radiance .
Lisa Swanson: oh silly me! i read “love” as a noun!
Dunya : I know, but it was a good because it did trigger rumination about that last point. I love that.
Catherine Ryder: Wow, Dunya, you have turned on a light for me, perhaps I will feel less lonely if I create a daily practice for myself, and really DO it. I probably do not cherish myself nearly enough.
Karleen Koen: muted, lonely versus lighting the interior….what wonderful ways to describe what practice brings….subtle…I feel more on subtle levels, am more aware without consciously knowing I am more aware, there seems to be flow and sense in life….it’s almost intangible but it is there

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