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Open the Door!

Dear Dervish Constellation of Teachers, Practitioners, and  Friends,

Knowing that I will meet you on Thursday for our Equinox Celebration pops firecracker sparks under my sternum. Here we go!

I trust you’ve all made a place and time for your cells so we can stretch toward one another. I certainly trust in how we will stretch together, slinging gold threads out from our moving breaths.

I’m so excited at this newness. I’ve never been part of a spiritual family that intentionally reaches across space to be together. (My past experiences have been accidental, sporadic, filled with the pleasure of serendipity, but certainly not what we’ll do on Thursday.) I love that we can support one another and share our embodied exploration on so many levels.

I have to say the important things right now:
~ Thank you all for embracing Dancemeditation.
~ Thank you all for all your practices.
~ Teachers, thank you for your teaching which spreads the wings and deepens the roots of the  Dancemeditation.

Thank you all for arriving at this new threshold, ready to open this new door with me. And now, let’s do just that.
Open the Door!

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