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Head Smack

I was raising my front window, the sort that opens down so you can wash the outside easily, which has a faulty latch. It swung down and bonked me on the head. It’s heavy. I felt my neck crunch.

So there were three options:
~ Follow my body.
~ After checking Google to to learn that I should see if my pupils are unevenly sized (they weren’t — a good thing), I could  go to the hospital emergency room where I would sit for a few hours under fluorescent lights
~ I could ignore it, push on, then wonder days later, why I feel wonky-blinky

I did the first. I lay on the floor and — this is why I’m sharing this tale — my body did not want to rock. She went right into that slow roll we did one day in Summer Movement Monastery. My skull rolled very slowly along the floor into gravity, the cervical spine quietly extending  and realigning. From time to time my spine wanted to gently twist rather than extend and contract, the head blow having come at an angle. My spine unwound. My cerebrospinal fluid had a chance to distribute itself (I could actually feel this pulse underneath the top layer of sensation), and whatever chemistry was happening inside my cranium could stabilize.

Nausea subsided. The light-headedness and weirdness around my eye sockets muted. I sat up, gently. All those sensations rose then subsided as well. Mostly.

I move around delicately. Keeping an eye on things, I lie down from time to time and let my body do what she needs. It brings me immediately back to the acute level of awareness I cultivated during retreat. Why does it take a blow on the head to get there?

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    1. I always love it when you refer to your body as “she,” and she knows, doesn’t she?

      July 10, 2010
    2. Shamsi #

      Agreed Karleen. And too to note the process of healing in this way, I want us to all be able to take the time to heal like this.

      July 13, 2010
    3. Andrea #

      Yes Dunya, she knows, doesn’t she? I never begin a DM practice anymore without first asking what she needs, and then I follow her. Sometimes I humbly ask for forgiveness for not trusting her sooner, more deeply, and more often.

      July 13, 2010
    4. David #

      Way to go — really, that’s the way to go !

      July 14, 2010
    5. David #

      Way to go — really, that’s the way to go ! Good going ! and thank you. Sending you soft healing energy.

      July 14, 2010
    6. Anastasia #

      wow…dang! Well, I am so impressed that you chose the first..what a beautiful way to be with your body, and I’ll bet just that time and awareness allowed it to realign so much faster and more perfectly than if you went on..who knows the complications that could have ensued from pushing on. I wish we all took that time, too, myself included. I want to say I couldn’t because of being a mom to a small child, but I could really, and what that would teach her about how to be with her body by seeing me stop and do this…gee, different approach altogether! Thanks for sharing that.

      July 14, 2010
    7. Thanks for all good healing thoughts. I’m all steady once again.
      Andrea I love that you ask forgiveness for ‘”not trusting her sooner, more deeply, and more often.” I resonate with that!
      Anastasia, I wonder if AmbaL. could learn this so young. Would be such a great skill to have well established not to mention the respect and love for her body that it engenders.

      July 15, 2010

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