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The New 2010 Simple Sufi Cooking at Summer Movement Monastery

Summer Movement Monastery always includes food goodness. This summer, I am deeply excited about the honing of our work in that regard and look forward to the learning ahead with live food.

We’ll aim to have the diet be 75% living food so those of you who aren’t familiar with this way of eating will feel comfortable. We’ll have cooked grains every day as well as marvelous salads and sprouted nut pates. For those who are ready for the 100% live food, this is your dream cuisine. In preparation, now is a good time to taper off junk food and reduce caffeine. Give the body a rest from all that stress.

Here is a letter from Liz Abbene, our fabulous Retreat Manager who is also, along with Nisaa Christie, developing recipes, menus, and cooking strategies for the new Simple Sufi Cooking with Live Food Book.

Greetings to All;
Hope this finds you all well and in good spirits. In less than 3 weeks we will be immersed in our Dancemedition practice together and there are some thoughts we wanted to share.
This year we will be introducing more living food at retreat. The possibilities and promise that it holds, as a deeply delightful addition to the Dancemeditation work, is huge. Living cuisine will be approached experientially with an emphasis on making every meal simple, basic, nourishing, and delicious. Also, the preparation of these meals, as has been our practice in the past, will be a shared experience, approached with grace and a clear understanding of the role food plays during the retreat experience, enhancing physical and spiritual regeneration.
Live foods will be offered as part of every meal as opposed to making it a “fasting” option. There will be a presentation Friday evening showcasing the joy and benefits of living cuisine. A booklet to guide the kitchen staff will be available and also, some practical pointers to ensure enjoyment will be offered. Sprouting is a critical part of a live foods diet While it is fairly simple to do, we will be offering some education and demonstration surrounding it. Finally, there will be “sprout people” called upon to oversee this component of the meal preparation. If you have experience in that arena, we look forward to having you share your experience and expertise with the group. As in past years, everyone will have an opportunity to contribute their positive energy to the nurturing of the community by signing-up for Kitchen service.

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