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Getting through the Crust

In Dancemeditation™ practice, there is a point of getting through The Crust. The usual psychological things that impede doing a practice include habits, laziness, resistance, fear, boredom. Those are one type of Crust, but today I encountered The Real Crust for embodied practice—the physics of getting going.

The physics of getting going might mean,  for an early morning practice, being tired or sleepy. Launching out of bed for me is a bit of a foggy period.  My body has been in another condition: sleep. If I dance and breath a song first thing, I feel sluggish, but that’s okay. Just an observation. If I dance and breathe a song in late afternoon my body has been through various unconscious experiences of sitting and walking. Getting going into awareness of sensation and gravity takes a moment or two, or ten or fifteen. Fifteen minutes to really wake up inside my body. So there is more than will or attentiveness involved here. We have the physics of the body.

Wake Up Inside my Body. I might be awake in my breath, or my mind, but to be awake in my body takes a little longer. How interesting to be in a body all the time and to be so unaware of this obvious fact. Even those of us who practice conscious embodiment regularly find this reality challenging to maintain. Yet is a reality, and reality returns us to sanity. Whenever I feel ungrounded, I simply put my attention into my breath and feel where my body is touching a surface, be it floor or furniture.

Right there I encounter The Crust. It takes a a period of time to switch from wherever I was—caught in anxiety and disconnected from my embodiment, for instance—to being awake inside my body. When I am in my body, I can then go on to listening and being in my body, reading and being in my body, writing and being in my body, thinking and being in my body. The Crust is that rim of surface tension, like water just before it boils. Pop, and we’re through.

Being awake inside the body entails getting through The Crust. It is easy, but it takes a little patience. I remind myself of this. I give it a chance to happen.

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