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Krys integrated

Krys Statho, CDMT, shared this with me. Beautiful.

“The last year has brought this really awesome feeling when doing the Opening Sequence, particularly the forward bend and reaching back. I’ve become aware of this really connected unit that my body has become. The shifting of my weight, and the placement of my limbs seems to happen seamlessly and effortlessly now. Not every single time but 95% of the time and when it doesn’t there is usually something going on that keeps it from happening whether in my body or in my mind. It’s a very comforting feeling. I often think of the lines in your book where you question if we, your students, feel what you feel and while I don’t necessarily know if it’s the exact same thing, it seems analogous. I feel my hair moving and the material of my clothes sliding over my skin and it all becomes much more prominent in my proprioception when I start my practice.”

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