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Florida wksp

This is from Anna Kinsgbury, CDMT, on the recent Dancemeditation in Florida:

“I’d like to acknowledge Surya who attracted 45 students to Dunya’s Sensual Motion workshop in Fort Lauderdale. Surya got a big space with big sound system and had a big percentage pre-registered for a smooth and quick registration process. Many of the participants were Surya‘s students, friends and teachers which speaks to her successful yoga practice. Students also came from yoga studios and Belly dance meetups. She sold out of Dunya’s book and one of the DVD’s and people were wanting more. Congratulations to Surya on an inspiring and successful event.”

I hear back from Jane that people had a wonderful time.
And here’s one review from newbie, Lesa:
Dunya’s class was awesome, very thought provoking and interesting, and I’m sore! I also have a better understanding of Sufism. So cool!

What really touched me was Surya’s motivation for sponsoring me in FL. She wanted her students to meet me as the source of this practice and as a major influence on her teaching. (I had assumed it was in order to get the ball rolling for her classes; which it may do as well, but that was not her primary intention.) It is very very touching to be so honored.

Susan Schmickle sent this:
Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for the workshop you offered in Ft. Lauderdale.  It still unfolds insight, longing and many gifts. When I got home, I found myself reading–no, devouring–your book. Beautiful, inspiring.  Thank you also for that. So my body and my heart, my mind and my spirit bow to you and send you love & blessings

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