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Perpetual Motion

Practice: Perpetual Motion
Use any music that has a steady rhythm (different tempi are fine) without silences at a sustainable pace.
Keep moving as much of the entire body as possible for a minimum of 20 minutes. 40 minutes is best.

Though I generally begin with a sense of obligatory gloom, Perpetual Motion practice invariably morphs into fun once endorphins kick in. I need the purposeful parameter to simply get off the floor where I’ve blobbed down far too often, glazing off into dreamy stretching that is little better than a nap. Of course I love napping, but when stressed napping has become an escape rather than a healing. Opening the door of self-witness was something that I’d gotten out of practice with, not being able to tolerate much self-contact. Now that things have leveled out, I need to jump back inside. Perpetual Motion gets all my sleepy synapses popping, and my body wakes into her story.

In terms of combining this practice with Shadow & Light, I’ve found the right side of my body being very busy with space and time, very punchy, so Perpetual Motion suits the right side’s process.

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    1. ann #

      I love this sharing as for me the retreat and my preparation for it has begun. I haven’t tried the shadow and light practice yet, I just read these practices…but I have been doing a ‘jump start motion’ practice. Whether I feel like moving or not, I would begin or incorporate into my practice a portion of faster motion in standing and moving between levels. I also noticed in myself perhaps too much of a tendency to nap, being busy, tired and stressed, and so I began deliberately moving, which is a different style for me. I did feel it increasing my connection to myself!

      May 6, 2008
    2. Sonia #

      Thank you for your sharing. I love the daily practice. It gives me motivation to be accountable. I have not done the shadow and light pratice yet either….. but the perpetual motion is wonderful. I too have been tired and blobbed onto the couch for resting over the last two weeks. Moving increases my energy and awareness. I feel responsible to nurture this body and fully house spirit in this great gift of flesh, and what better way to do it. I have been feeling a great urgency lately toward this notion. Tonight I really got into some deep breathing with movement and fully, deeply centered. At this point emotion spilled out, because I knew this was “home” and this is where I need to be….. Aware, fully cenetered and present. In this moment of awareness I saw contrast in myself. Rejoice in the homecomeing and remorse for the time away. I feel so peaceful in this state of being and overcome with sorrow that I slip in and out of it and have yet found a way to maintain this state of being in all I do. I felt out of balance, I felt desire and regret and yet a sense of life, knowing and presence.

      May 7, 2008

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