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May Day-ly Practice 8

“Flesh is the only destiny.”
Kim Edwards, from The Secrets of the Fire King

What does Edwards mean? She goes on to poetically detail the protagonist watching her autocratic father rot into death before her eyes and under her care. And still I don’t understand the opening line. But I agree in my heart. Flesh is the only destiny, the only real challenge, the house of hope, the Reign of Terror, the prison, the ecstasy, the doorway.

Doing daily practice is––really this is an embarassment to admit because the remembering and re-experiencing of daily practice shows how I’ve forgotten to do it–-a joy. Daily practice gets easier every day. My body takes me to her Body waiting in the sanctuary. The waiting One seems to always be wearing silk. She slides her arms around me and I slither into Her and we begin our rolling around to the music, our giggering and gigging and gigue-ing. Daily is easier. Once a week is tough; plenty of time for muscles and tissues to have gotten involved in other things––tension, sedentary positionings, forgetful locomotions, rigorous and unbalanced parcel toting. La la la…One hour of Dancemeditation a week is buried under the bricks of bad living.

But daily work, even just 45 minutes, begins to engulf my concsiousness. It sings out long after the session stops, molding the edges of air around my walking legs, stroking up my back as I lean forward to pick up my grocery bag. Daily practice turns my day into a Dance. It mothers me all day.


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    1. SONIA #

      I love your words…… Brilliant.
      ” I agree in my heart. Flesh is the only destiny, the only real challenge, the house of hope, the Reign of Terror, the prison, the ecstasy, the doorway.”
      I totaly understand you Dunya! Yes!” Flesh is the only destiny”….. to me it rings true; A true form of communion.”
      The body has been my daily challenge, my prison, holding me captive in game here on earth, when all my heart wants to do is soar and bask. The ecstasy and doorway…… yes, total communion, marriage of flesh and spirit……
      I have to wonder why I am so inconsistant with daily practice.

      May 14, 2008
    2. ann #

      “Flesh is the only destiny”…I can relate to that protagonist in my life now as I watch my father, a man who once enjoyed many personal freedoms, gradually lose hold of them. His body is no longer able to continue in these arenas…Not really a betrayal, but a destiny. Some would say lifestyle and age prepared him for this time…”there are two things in life that are sure, death and…”
      I couldn’t agree more about the comfortable support that dancemeditation provides in daily life. Not that the practice itself is always that way, but the result is. The after effects. It brings me back to the ‘certainty’ of connection with my Self. There is a rich fullness inside that empowers, protects and guides. Keeps me company, inspires wellsprings of joy. Unless it facilitates an emotional release I need to look into…
      I find daily practice certainly easier to drop into, anything less than 3 longer practices a week harder. Sometimes I need to consciously schedule in recovery time following, so that I can return to a state that supports my function in daily life. I have been amazed lately at times I have not felt like moving at all, and yet my body automatically will reach for my mat and place it down, and I start whereever I am at.
      Lately for me the practice has been providing me with a tether. It keeps me from going off into the future where unknown things have not and cannot happen yet. Through the wind and falling rocks of life I am able to feel solid ground, have a grasp on something real and certain with one hand as the rest of me feels the force of the gale winds. Sometimes pretty, always useful.

      May 15, 2008
    3. Karleen #

      Your words are silk. I have been attempting daily practice this month. There are days when I simply cannot carve the time, but I am trying not to let more than one day go by before I pick it up again. I notice the calm attention I seem to have as the practice accrues…….seeing others, their distress or other emtion, more clearly, but not catching it……..interesting….more daily practice also keeps my center more cleared out……let clogged with my fretfulness and distains and small, petty angers……

      May 15, 2008
    4. Susan #

      This response got interrupted by who knows what. Very like practice which is going along fine and then poof it has gone for days, weeks sometimes. Who knows how or to where. ANd I can use the mothering of daily practice especailly on those days that it goes poof.

      July 9, 2008

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