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Centerline Practice

Made a good discovery today. After Shadow & Light, I fell into work with the Centerline. The idea was so simple: move with focus on the centerline from floor to the top of the head.

As I moved, I felt my fascia wrapping the insides of my legs. I progressed up my body; my organs and muscles were encased in sacks of rounded fascia arcing out from a central crease like a fountain. Bursting out. then curving around. The centerline felt like a blade. Clean. It felt as if I was perceiving very early embryonic structure, a time when the body is beginning to make differentiated elements, forming bilateral pieces from the central column.

This was exploratory. Afterward, as I let my body go on her own, a wealth of completely new movement ideas and shapes came out. Things I’ve never before come upon. A rare, new treasure-strewn cove.


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    1. ann #

      I finally did shadow and light, which I found quite a challenge. One of those times I didn’t particularly enjoy it until afterwards! It acutely focused me, paying attention to the detail of where I was moving and from where I was observing. The nice part of it was the deeply integrated feel of my movement afterwards. Fell nicely into a slow (not too) perpetual motion practice, which I liked better than the perp motion practice I did earlier which resembled aerobic exercise for the first 10 minutes or more, before changing to a more fluid embodied practice.
      I tried to do those again today, but couldn’t find the discipline for long. Instead I fell into prolonged stretches with some fluid motion. The interesting thing, is that I felt the spiral of my fascia, particularly in my thighs, connecting to my hips and buttocks, and surprisingly up into my jaw. It was the first time I felt this in this way. I wondered about the connections in these places for me, and am left with the wonder.

      May 15, 2008

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